Christmas Storage

It’s that time of year again… Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven’t already, now’s the time to start buying gifts before all the panic begins. We know presents are just one of the stressful factors in the whirlwind of the holiday season – but fear not! In this blog post we’ll help guide you through some of the changes that can affect you or your business this winter, and offer some Christmas storage solutions…

Christmas storage for presents

You’ve finally finished the Christmas shopping and are beginning to wonder where you should store all these presents away until the big day. Hiding these under the bed, on top of the wardrobe or in the closet seem the most obvious choices, but what if you have limited space and want to ensure they’re completely out of sight? This is where MoreStore can help, keeping you merry with our temporary storage solutions to suit your needs.

If your home has recently been damaged due to a flood or fire for example and you need somewhere to store Christmas presents, our safe and dry storage units are the perfect place to hide them away. You’ll have 24/7 access 365 days a year, giving you the flexibility to come and go as you like. This means you can even pop out to ‘the north pole’ early Christmas morning and pick up the presents!

Where to store seasonal stock

For many small businesses, Christmas creates a huge demand for seasonal stock and materials that can take up limited storage space within their business premises. But when only required for the winter, why not store them elsewhere?

If your Christmas stock is cramming up your office space year-round, we have a solution. MoreStore offers temporary stock and equipment storage, so your business can keep its seasonal products safe in an offsite location, available to access anytime. Get in touch to discuss your business’ requirements with our team further.

Equipment storage

The change in weather and daylight hours also affects the way in which some work, particularly in careers that revolve around outdoor working. If you run an independent business, working as a tradesperson for example, this can result in a temporary change of working hours and type of equipment used. Perhaps your line of work doesn’t operate during the winter or you’re taking an extended break, you may need a temporary storage solution for your unused, bulky equipment.

MoreStore Self Storage provides tool and equipment storage – so if you require a change of equipment and need to store unused appliances during the holiday period, we have a range of storage units. Get an estimate for how much storage space you require by using our storage space calculator.

Why MoreStore will make you say ‘ho ho hooray!’

Based at King Street Industrial Estate in Langtoft, MoreStore Self Storage offers clean, well-maintained, indoor storage rooms – the perfect place to keep your gifts and seasonal stock protected from the cold and damp. Plus, we’re in a great location being easily accessible from Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne, Deeping, Spalding, and the surroundings areas.

You can access your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can drop off as many presents or as much stock as you please and collect them all on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or whenever you need them!

The estate is fully fenced with CCTV to make sure your gifts stay safe. Tenants are given gate cards and a keyfob to the building and then each storage unit is padlocked to ensure that only the owner can access the contents – ensuring maximum security.

How much can I store?

From storing small to large items, we have a range of room sizes available for temporary storage; you may even consider storing furniture to make extra room for visitors during the festive season. However, if you’re also looking for long term storage then this can be arranged, subject to availability. Visit our FAQs to learn more about what you can store.

Get in touch

Do you require seasonal storage? We recommend getting in touch before the mad holiday rush to ensure you get a space. To find out more about our current available units, please call us on 01778 560693 or visit our contact page.

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