A Quick Guide to Packing Your Items For Self Storage

Moving some of your stuff to a self storage unit is a great way to declutter and free-up extra space in your home. However, it’s important to make sure that your items are properly packaged and stored so that they stay in good condition ready for when you want to use them again. Here are a few quick tips for storing away your items.

Keep things clean

The first thing to do is make sure you give everything a thorough clean before you put it into storage. Large appliances, like dishwashers or washing machines, should be cleaned with antibacterial products or bleach to prevent build-up of mould and mildew. Items like these should also be stored with the doors open to let air circulate.

Any clothes, linens or other fabric items should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting them into storage. Don’t pack them in sealed bags as humidity can cause mildew. Cardboard boxes or plastic storage containers are useful for temporary storage but insects and trapped moisture could become a problem over time. The best solution is to use a suitcase, preferably lined with acid free tissue paper for long term storage.

It’s a good idea to box or wrap all of your items as anything left uncovered will likely get dusty and potentially dirty overtime. Boxes should be sealed with packing tape to stop items inside from getting dusty.

Save space

Large items like sofas and mattresses can be stored vertically to save space. You can also stack items on top of each other but make sure that they are stable and place dust sheets or protective wrapping between items to prevent damage.

It’s also a good idea to dismantle large items of furniture to save space but make sure you keep all the parts together. For example, if you need to remove screws, these should be placed in a bag and attached to the frame so that you can find them easily.

You can also store items inside other items. For example, if you’re storing a chest of drawers, you can use the drawers rather than an extra box. Wardrobes, fridge freezers and even ovens can also be used to store additional smaller items.

For a rough idea of how much space you require, see our Storage Space Calculator. 

Be organised

Don’t forget that as well as putting things into your storage unit, you will need to get them out at some point. It’s a good idea to label boxes with numbers and then keep a list that tells you what items are in each box.

You should also make sure you leave yourself enough space in your storage unit to access all items. All too often the item that you need will be right at the back and you don’t want to take everything out of your storage unit every time you need to access something, so leave yourself a path to get through.

If you need any further information about storing your items please visit our contact page.