After-hours access

MoreStore Self Storage never closes! You can access your storage unit any time of day or night and you are free to come and go as you please – no checking in or registering.

The main gates close at 6.30pm, after which time you will use your own programmed card to gain access to the site. This is a simple system – just tap your card against the card reader to the side of the main gate. This sends a signal for the gates to open letting you drive through.

The gates will slowly close behind you, preventing any unauthorised visitors or non-card-holding visitors from entering the site. Once you’ve driven through the main gates, you are free to park up and enter the facility.

We know that accessing the facility in the dark might be concerning for some customers, but the site is constantly monitored and well-lit. See our section on security for more information.

When you’re ready to leave, you will lock the main facility door with your own key, drive to the main gate and then tap your card against the exit card reader to open the main gates to exit.

The only thing we can’t do after hours is offer our forklift service, but our trolleys are always available, and the lift system works round the clock.

If you have any further questions about out-of-hours access, please get in touch.