Can storage companies see inside your storage unit?

Self-storage facilities offer a convenient solution for personal and business use. However, many people wonder about the level of privacy and security that comes with a self-storage unit. Can storage companies see inside your storage unit? Read on to discover more as we dive into the most important factors regarding self-storage privacy…

How is the privacy of my self-storage unit protected?

Privacy policies

Most storage companies have strict privacy policies in place to protect their customers’ belongings. Thanks to these policies, employees of the storage companies are typically prohibited from accessing the contents of storage units without the explicit consent of the renter or a valid legal reason.

Access controls

Self-storage facilities use various access controls to ensure the security of their premises. This includes gated entry systems, CCTV cameras, and individualised access codes or keys for renters. This is to ensure that the customer renting the storage unit is the only person with access to it.

Tenant rights

As a renter of a storage unit, you have certain rights regarding the privacy and security of your belongings. Generally, storage companies aren’t permitted to enter or inspect your unit without your consent, except in specific circumstances required by law or outlined in the rental agreement – be sure to read these thoroughly before accepting your tenancy.

Rental agreements

Before renting a storage unit, you’re usually required to sign a rental agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the arrangement. This agreement may include clauses related to privacy, security, and access rights, providing renters with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities regarding their storage unit.

Legal requirements

In situations involving illegal activity (i.e. drug trafficking or terrorism-related offences), storage companies may be required by law to disclose information about the contents of storage units to law enforcement agencies or other government authorities. However, even in these cases, storage companies must adhere to legal procedures and obtain appropriate warrants or court orders before disclosing any information or allowing access to storage units.

Security measures

In addition to access controls and privacy policies, storage facilities often implement security measures to safeguard the contents of storage units. This may include CCTV cameras, security patrols, and alarm systems to deter theft and unauthorised access. These measures help ensure the confidentiality and integrity of renters’ belongings.

Discretion and professionalism

Storage companies understand the sensitive nature of their customers’ belongings and strive to maintain a professional and discreet approach to their operations. Employees are typically trained to respect the privacy of renters and handle inquiries or concerns regarding storage units with discretion and confidentiality.

Occasional inspections

While storage companies typically respect the privacy of their renters, they may occasionally conduct an inspection of the premises for maintenance or security purposes. During these inspections, employees may visually inspect the exterior of storage units to ensure they are properly secured and not in violation of any policies. However, they are not authorised to open or peer into individual units without strict permission from the tenant.

Do storage companies ask what you’re storing?

Many larger storage companies have an online booking system so you can select and reserve your storage unit yourself, however, it is very common to speak to a member of staff during the process of booking a storage unit. During these conversations, the staff will likely try to get a sense for how much storage space you require so that they can select an appropriate unit. Whether or not you are required to disclose this information will depend on factors including the rental agreement, the storage company’s insurance, and legal requirements.

Do storage companies have a key to your unit?

Generally, storage companies do not have a key to occupied self-storage units. This is to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the units’ contents and the renters belongings. However, they may have special access codes or special equipment to get into an occupied unit but only if absolutely necessary such as in the event of an emergency to prevent serious harm or loss of life. However, under normal circumstances, they would not have access to your self-storage unit.

The simple answer

Can storage companies look inside your self-storage unit? No, not really. While self-storage companies have access to the premises and may conduct occasional inspections for maintenance and security purposes, they generally can’t see inside individual storage units without either the consent of the renter or a valid legal reason.


Bear in mind that as storage facilities typically use internal and external CCTV, they may be able to view what you are putting inside your unit. However, there are things you can do to further protect the confidentiality of your stored items. These include putting them in cardboard boxes or wrapping them in a sheet – though, larger, more distinctively shaped items may be harder to disguise.

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