Storing business items? Don’t risk them to a storage container

Did you know, storage containers are rarely insulated, meaning they can expose your business items or stock to extremes in temperature. Why risk it? Budget shipping container storage is a false economy. Protect your business stock and tools with dry, purpose-built indoor storage.

Because there is no insulation, a storage container will condensate when experiencing temperature change – making items vulnerable to moisture, which can do serious damage.

Electrical goods are particularly susceptible to damage from temperature extremes, and condensation can render some electrical items unusable.

LCD or LED screens can freeze in cold temperatures – which can affect their performance; and power tools, heavy machinery and household appliances can all be damaged when exposed to damp or heat extremes.

Shipping containers, unmodified, are simply not designed to store items for more than a few days or weeks. Their steel shells quickly heat up in spring and summer, and easily become damp and cold in autumn and winter.

In addition to the temperature changes and condensation risk, shipping containers can rust, exposing them to risk of leaks – particularly around doors and openings.

And even soft furnishings don’t escape damage. Mould and bacteria can eat away at fabrics and cause irreparable damage.

Wood rots quickly and even plastic and vinyl can crack and bubble in extreme temperatures or damp conditions. Dry goods and powders will cake, and any packaging will deteriorate in uninsulated shipping containers.

So, when it comes to storing tools and stock you rely on for your business, placing them in an uncontrolled environment makes no sense, practically, or commercially.

That’s why a huge range of commercial and business customers rely on our insulated, dry, indoor storage at MoreStore.

We’re trusted by distributors of national brands, tradespeople, resellers, and agents to look after valuable stock, goods, and tools.

We provide 24/7 access, 365 days a year inside a secure, CCTV-monitored and gated site – an extra layer of reassurance loved by our commercial and business customers.

In short, heat and moisture damage present serious risk for goods and tools. Damaged items can’t be sold, compromised tools can’t be used, and broken packaging creates delivery issues – all of which causes untold reputational and financial suffering.

MoreStore business customers get a Best Price Guarantee, Two Months’ Storage for the Price of One or access to our best-in-class long stay discount plans. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll even give you money off your storage for every business you refer to us.

Why wait? Talk to our team and get a quote for storage today.

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