Small to large rooms

MoreStore is a mixed facility with a variety of room sizes available.

We are a popular self storage facility so it is not always possible to guarantee the right space will be available to you, however, we operate a waiting list and can let you know the moment the right room size does become available.

Our facility contains units (sometimes called rooms or pods) of differing sizes designed to meet most needs. With years of experience offering professional storage, we’ve come to know how much space an average house, flat or office is likely to need, and we try to allocate our space accordingly.

Where it is not possible to meet your exacting needs with one unit, we may find that we can meet your storage needs using two smaller rooms, for example. Rest assured we will always do our best to meet your needs as precisely as possible.

Not sure how much space you need? Try our Storage Space Calculator. This interactive calculator provides a best guess estimate of your space requirements based on average sizes. Try it and see!

MoreStore is expanding soon too and will have even more space to offer. Check back soon for news of our expansion.