Six Great Storage Ideas for your Living Room

The living room is one of the most used rooms in your house. There’s nothing more unappealing than being surrounded by clutter especially when you are short on space. To restore that relaxing atmosphere again, these living room storage ideas can help you keep everything organised and clutter free.

Open shelves

Make living-room furniture work harder by choosing items that include storage. Open shelves are ideal for any interior and make the living room more airy and light. You can store items such as books and magazines in these areas so that they are not scattered on the sofa or table. This offers a practical solution for storing your items and keeping them out of the way.

Under sofa storage

No matter how hard you try to keep the house uncluttered, you cannot do this with a lack of storage space. So why not look at purchasing some storage units to be placed underneath your sofa? There are now a range of cabinets, built-in storage and units available that work around your sofa.

Shelf with drawer

Multi-functional furniture is a great way to save space and can make for a quirky feature. For example, you could keep your remote control, loose change, keys and phone chargers in a floating shelf to keep them organised and out of sight.

Coffee table

Create your own DIY coffee table that offers lots of space and storage. Getting rid of your old coffee table and replacing it with open storage and shelves can open up a room and create an interesting feature at the same time.

Corner shelving

If you look around your home and notice that a lot of corner spaces are not being used up, why not install floating shelves around the corner? Not only will this create extra storage but is a great way to display your living room accessories.

Separate area

If your front door opens directly into your living room, put some “speed bumps” in your entry. It is always convenient to leave a trail of bags and mail when we get home. However, by putting in strategically placed “speed bumps” along the way; whether this is a long narrow table or a tray for collecting mail, this could all help with the clutter.

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