Packing the Dining Room

Everybody knows that moving house can be a very stressful experience, and safely packing up all your treasured possessions isn’t an easy task. So, we at MoreStore Self Storage have put together a comprehensive guide to each room in your house to take the guesswork out of your packing!

The dining room is the one room where families spend most time together. Modern families function with very separate lives but at mealtimes the clatter of cutlery and insight into everyone’s day can be heard in dining rooms across the country.

The dining room isn’t the most difficult of rooms you’ll be faced with packing, but it is home to a mix of larger items and fragile, delicate items.


For dining room tables, remove all the legs, wrap them individually and then tie them together. Nuts and bolts should be secured in a bag and taped to the underside of the tabletop. A sheet should then be used to cover the tabletop.


Chair legs and arms should all be wrapped to prevent them from becoming scratched. Armless chairs can be put together seat to seat and then tied together to save space.


Wrap all glasses and tableware separately using tissue paper and making sure you tuck it into every possible part. Use plenty of layers and then finish it off with wrapping paper or newspaper before putting them into a box clearly labelled with ‘THIS WAY UP – FRAGILE’. You can buy boxes specifically made for ornaments if you want to be extra careful when moving them.

Flat tableware such as plates can be wrapped in tissue and then paper before being stacked on top of one another and bundled again with more wrapping paper. Place each bundle into a suitable sized box. Separate each bundle with card or further padding.

Silver items should be completely covered in bubble wrap and paper to stop them from being scratched or blemished.


With mugs and cups, ensure handles are wrapped first very carefully with tissue before wrapping the main part of the cup. Finish with wrapping paper and then pack into boxes but do not pack too many into a single box.

Remember, while we are happy to offer out general packing advice on these pages, MoreStore is not liable for any loss or damage to goods stored and you should ensure you obtain your own contents’ insurance

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