Packing the Bedroom

Packing up your house ready for a move can be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have. So, MoreStore Self Storage have put together a comprehensive guide to each room in your house to take the guesswork out of packing. In this blog post, we tackle the bedroom!

This room is deceptive in terms of packing. What on the surface may appear like a straightforward job, always ends up being more work than you first thought.


Quilts, pillows, light/bulky items are best bound or strapped together using handy wrap/cling film or string and then packed into extra-large boxes. If you have any personal trinkets and fragile items, you can pack some in between the pillows for added protection, but whatever you do, make sure you don’t forget they’re there once you come to unpack.

Once you have taken the bedframe to pieces, you should secure all the parts with handy wrap/cling film. Any nuts and bolts can be put into a self-sealing bag and then taped securely into the bound bedframe parts.

Protect your mattress with a cover or large sheets of plastic but avoid doing this until the mattress is downstairs and ready to go outside otherwise you may have difficulty moving it down the stairs or around difficult corners in your home.


Any clothing such as suits, dresses or coats that would typically live on a hanger should be packed into a wardrobe box as it will be better for them to travel this way. You can pack some shoes into the bottom of the box. Once you arrive at your new home you can use the wardrobe box as temporary wardrobe storage until you’re fully set up. Any clothes kept in drawers can be packed into suitcases or suitcase boxes, which can take a lot of clothes without getting too heavy.


Curtain rails and blinds should be wrapped in a protective bag or sheet and then secured with handy wrap/cling film.


Dressers can be filled up with small breakable items and cushioned with loose clothes. You should secure the drawers with tape to stop them coming open when in transit and avoid overloading the drawers with heavy items or you could damage your furniture.

Heavy items

You should use book boxes or heavy duty boxes for packing up books. They get very heavy, and a conventional box will buckle under their weight once carried. Pack the books flat and alternate bindings to prevent any damage to the spines. Where you have gaps, you can fill them with smaller, paperback books.


You should set aside any valuable such as jewellery, important documents, and safe deposit box contents into a small container that you can keep with you through the move.

 Please note: the packing tips on this page is simply general advice, and MoreStore is not liable for any loss or damage to goods stored. You should ensure you obtain your own contents insurance. Terms and conditions are available on request or please check our FAQs.  

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