10 Great Storage Ideas for your Kitchen

Kitchens are always a magnet for clutter; appliances, food cans, cartons, boxes, utensils, tea towels, food wraps and bags can quickly spread to fill every available nook and cranny. But help is at hand. We’ve rounded up some of the web’s most clever storage ideas to help you get the chic, clutter-free kitchen of your dreams.

Fill in the gaps with skinny storage racks

Flexible storage spaces in your kitchen such as the space between your fridge and wall is prime real estate for storing goods, so why not fill in the gaps with a skinny storage rack. It’s an efficient use of space and stays hidden from view.

Make use of magazine files and desk organisers on cupboard sides and doors

Add magazine files and desk organisers to the sides and doors of your cupboards. This is a practical solution if you have rolls of cling film and foil that need space. Simply attach magazine files on the cabinet doors with adhesive hooks to hold anything from cling film rolls to sandwich bags.

Bench instead of chairs

When you have a small kitchen, tables and chairs can take up a lot of floor space. A kitchen bench is a more flexible storage solution. Not only is it more compact than chair but you can also store things inside of it.

Toe Kick Drawers

Why not incorporate a toe kick into your kitchen? Kick drawers provide much-needed storage space without intruding into the overall design of the kitchen. The handy pull-out design at the bottom of your cabinets is a practical solution to hiding all your pots, plates and kitchen accessories.

Appliance garage

Incorporating an appliance garage is a great way to keep your counter appliances out of sight while still being accessible. Blenders, toasters and coffee machines are kept in the same place but are hidden discretely behind a smart screen. An appliance garage can fit seamlessly into your kitchen design through a flip-up hatch, bi-parting cabinet doors, or even double doors – there are a range of designs available that can easily accommodate most appliances.

Corner Drawers

Clever corner drawers are a creative solution for awkward. The drawers run diagonally into the corner, which makes them deeper and therefore lets you pack a bigger storage punch.

Built-in bins

Built-in bins are a great way to save space and offer the added bonus of keeping rubbish out of sight. This is especially a practical idea when you have a small kitchen and want to free up as much floor space as possible.

Use sides of cupboards

Making use of your existing space is also a great way to store your kitchen accessories. For example, you could consider using the sides of your cupboards to store utensils rather than having them all cluttered up in your drawer. Just add some stick on hooks to the inside or outside of your cupboard or cabinets.

Shelves inside shelves

Why not buy a folding shelf to store inside your shelf? Units can be stacked one on top of each other to utilise wasted space. Plus, they’ll help to keep your cupboards more organised so you won’t have to hunt around for the items you want.

Curtain rods for saucepan lid storage

If you’re a hater of messy pans in your cupboards or are tired of having to find the correct lids, then a curtain rod could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Simply purchase some strong curtain rods and apply strong adhesive to the insides of your cupboard. Once installed, you can then place saucepan lids vertically inside the cupboard or drawer.


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