10 Great Storage Ideas for your Bedroom

Continuing our series of great storage ideas for your home, this time we’re looking at bedrooms. Whether it’s making more space in your master bedroom or organising a messy bedroom for the kids, these storage ideas can help create more space and clean up clutter.

Discover extra space under the bed

The bed generally takes up the most floor space in the bedroom and if you’re not utilising the space underneath, then you are missing out on a great storage opportunity. Of course some beds come with built in drawers or you can put baskets or boxes underneath to keep things in. But for really easy access and great storage you may want to consider a bed with in-built lift up storage.

Loft bed

Need more floor space? A loft bed frees up the space normally taken up by a traditional bedframe and can give you valuable extra room (although if you have a problem with heights this may not be for you).

Floating shelf jewellery drawers

Multi-functional furniture is a great way to save space and can make for a quirky feature. For example, you could conceal a jewellery drawer in a floating shelf to keep your valuables organised and secure.

Use the backs of wardrobe doors

A simple but effective way to store shoes and accessories which would normally fill up drawers or be piled in the bottom of the wardrobe. Adding hooks or rails to the inside of a wardrobe door creates that little bit of extra space and helps to keep things organised.

Wireless charging bedside table

If chargers and wires are cluttering up your bedroom, then going wireless could be a great solution for you. This bedside table from IKEA has a built in wireless charging port so you can simply place your phone on top to charge without having messy cables all over the place.

Organise your shoes

Because of their awkward shape, shoes can take up lots of space and can be difficult to store neatly. Tilting shoes cupboards are a great solution to this problem and a number of slim-line units are available which can store up to 36 pairs of shoes.

Why not try a murphy bed?

A great space saver and not as difficult to install as you might think, murphy beds are great for guest bedrooms or children’s bedrooms where you want to retain floor space. Available in lots of different styles and shapes, these beds are functional and comfortable whatever size room you’re furnishing.

Everything in its place

Awkward items like hairdryers and straightening irons can be difficult to store away neatly. A great tip is to take a leaf out of your hairdresser’s book and add a caddy or holster to the side of your dressing table where you can store appliances safely.

Built-in bench storage

Ideal for children’s bedrooms, a built in storage bench gives you room to store books, toys and games as well as a nice seating area to enjoy.

Get rid of your wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes can be a great way to hide away clutter and keep things organised. However, in a small room, a big wardrobe can be imposing and take up lots of floor space. Getting rid of your wardrobe and replacing it with open storage rails and shelves can open up a room and create an interesting feature at the same time.


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